da Silvio | Ristorante | The Restaurant
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The Place

In a warm and cozy place covered in wood, “da Silvio” offers genuine cuisine, full of flavors, with fresh products that vary according to the season.

The Cuisine

You can order from the menu, but it is easier to just taste the many entrees that come to the table: from several pates to mousse mortadella, from friggione to buffalo mozzarella, not to mention the tomini juniper, sliced hand cut meats, etc.

Some first dishes respect the Bolognese tradition, with fresh hand-made pasta. Others, are prepared following the classic Italian recipes.

The second range from ossobuco to shin, to roast young lamb, devilled chicken, salted meat, thinly sliced meat, filets, and grilled vegetables with cheese.


The dessert come to the table at will, from cake, English trifle, creme caramel, mascarpone, to the meringue with melted chocolate. All home-made as tradition calls.

The Wine List

The wine list is very balanced and in tune with the type of cuisine offered, characterized by wines from the region and from a careful selection of the national ones.